Tuesday, April 27, 2010

fussy tuesday

lilly is not having a good day.
what is her deal?
why does nothing make her happy?
did i do something?
did i not do something?

oh the questions are flying through my mind.  most days she is so happy and delightful.  today she hates her swing...what?!?!  hate her swing! unheard of.  the pacie sure ain't doin the trick either.  i know she is tired and that is the problem.  but the swing usually puts her to sleep.  oh you darn swing....what is your problem today?!  you are defective!  

well, i guess the only thing to do is rock her to sleep.  so much for working in my new space i.e. the new monica's workroom.  

scary isn't she...

until next time...


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