Monday, April 5, 2010

nom nom nom...

so my sweet lilly-lu is 5 months old now and i decided it was time to start her on solids.  i am very excited about this.  i have been dying to make my own babyfood before i even had a baby!  i think its because i didn't stop eating applesauce out of the babyfood isle until i was a teenager.  for some reason it always tasted better than regular applesauce.  every week i looked forward to our trip to the local food store so i could pick out what version of applesauce i wanted.  the jars are oh-so-cute and tiny. 

anyway, i have started making it and i really enjoy it. 

my first batch was simple...pears.  she loves pears!  she has eaten pears for 2 weeks now.  my next batch...apples.  she ain't so kean on those. 

but last night, oh last night... we made acorn and butternut squash mixed together.  the color this concoction made was magical.  the 2 different hues of orange and goldy-yellow mixed together was fabulous.  i wish i had a sweater that color.  of course i might by the time she spits it all up all over me.  here is how i prepared them:
* preheat oven to 375 degrees
* cut squash in half and dig out seeds and stringy yuck (discard)
* place flesh side down in a baking dish and put a little over 1/4 amount of water in the dish. (not a 1/4 cup but about 1/4 up the side of the baking dish.)
* bake for 1 hour
* dig out the flesh and set aside to cool (do not discard your water left in the baking dish, you will use this to thin out the mush)
* puree in a blender/chopper/babyfood processor or with a giant fork which is what i did for this one
* add the broth from the baking dish until you achive the pureed consistency your baby can handle

after this we made more pears but this time we added bananas and cinnamon.  we also made more apples and added cinnamon to them.  my husband said they were delicious.  as i made each batch i gave my lilly-lu a sample and she giggled with delight when we added the cinnamon and bananas.


i have been wanting some of those little ice trays with lids but was too lazy to go to Wal-Mart and get them so i used left over breast milk storage bags (unused of course) instead.  these are great because you can see how many ounces you are putting in the bags.  so i made a bunch of tiny ones and then started increasing the amount so i would have different portion sizes. 

now if i could just enjoy cooking for my hubby and i, all would be perfect.

until next time...


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