Wednesday, April 7, 2010

monsters in the house

everyone say hello to Kade.  he is so perfectly delicous in his "Max" costume.

he turned 1 this March and my best friend Natalie themed up his party with Where the Wild Things Are.  she had also painted a mural on the wall of his play room.  she is so talented and i'm not real sure why she doesn't take up painting more often. 

my little lilly-lu also dressed up for the occasion.  she was dressed as a little monster.  i think the lamb ears really say something. 

the food was really good too... 
giant pizza 
divine cupcakes from Ooh La La
scrumptious fruit
creamcheese with chipolte raspberry sauce

very simple but oh-so-cute and yummy

party favors were brown bags filled with odds and ends tied all up with little boy ribbon.

it as a perfect day...

1 comment:

  1. Natalie is so ridiculously talented!

    (And I'm sad I missed Lilly's costume!)