Wednesday, March 3, 2010

my own voice

i have always admired those around me that could speak and make the world shut-up and listen.  many times i feel as if my own voice is drowned out by those.  i have realized the only person drowning out that voice is myself.  i should write and just be glad that i am able.  i should not look for a huge following and just be glad i have a few. 

i have recently started following a new blog that i think is brilliant.  her name is marta and she has started a blogging workshop.  she completely gets me!  everyday i wake up, brew my morning cup-o-joe, and get all gitty because i can't wait to read the newest entry.  i feel like she is talking to me and trying to help me be the best blogger i can be.  another great thing about marta's workshop is that it teaches you how to blog for business.  i don't mean adsense.  i mean your own business.  like i am totally dreaming about my future etsy shop.  she is giving me the courage to not just dream it but make it a reality. 

i should be a walking billboard for marta.  go me!

until next time...



  1. I found you though Marta (a comment you left). I am loving her workshop too. It feels like she is my own personal cheerleader! I likewise have been dreaming about a future etsy shop. I would love to hear about your ideas!

  2. I am teaching myself how to sew right now. I currently make fingerless gloves out of fleece but would like to move into other fabrics as well. I also make tu-tus but i'm not sure I will list those. I don't really want to sell baby items just yet. I'm obsessed with fingerless gloves! What is your skill?