Thursday, March 11, 2010

team edward

oh the world of Twilight is oh-so-amazing!  yes my fellow friendly feathers...i am her.  that annoying girl that squeals with delight over compassionate/charming/sexy vampires and hunky werewolves.  the girl that imagines herself into the fantasy world of forbidden love.   (not the evil ones of course, just the love-sick ones found in teenage novels) 
                                          image from fan-pop

i read these books at super-sonic speed all right in a row.  of all people, my mom, turned me onto this saga.  i could barely contain myself as i had to force my eyes to slow down and not get ahead of my brain as i read. 

how is that an individual such as Stephenie Meyer can suck you in just like that?  i had to take a small break during the reading of New Moon.  my heart was bursting with emotion as i felt like i was living in Bella's shoes; writhing in pain because my beloved Edward left me. 

am i crazy?  am i a complete loon?  i know i am not the only love-sick-vampire-groupy out there.  yes i'm talking to all yall out know who you are.

i have to say that i was not as impressed with the movies as i was the books.  of course i am obsessed with the printed word and love book clubs, books stores, and anything "book" related.  even my love of coffee and tea is just an eventful reminder of my devotion to books.  do i really drink coffee for its eye-opening characteristics? i think not my friends.  am i a lover of the kindle?  not so much....  the printed word is my own personal heaven. 

so thank you Stephenie Meyer.  thank you for giving me my heavenly escape.

until next time...



  1. You were the same way with Harry Potter :)

  2. oh yeah...and still are baby! only this time i have left all the trinkets in the box in my attic instead of littering my walls and shelves with them. and i do mean littering! what a mess that was. i'm such a dork.