Saturday, March 6, 2010

whistle while you work

boy what a week last week!  my corporate job is currently coming to an end at the end of march so i am preping for the newest chapter of my life.

i am hoping that i will be able to open my etsy shop by may.  oh my goodness now that i see it in type it seems so close!  i am so terrified and so excited all at the same time.  i currently can't post any photos of what i'm working on until i am confident they are just right.  i'm feeling a bit overwhelmed but i think that is good.  thats my passion boiling up i believe. 

wish me luck.  i have some projects for a friend that i will be starting tomorrow and i am so stoked to get a jump start.  photos to come...

until next time...



  1. good luck on your new journey! etsy is wonderful.

  2. Good luck! I am sure this new chapter will be AMAZING!