Tuesday, March 23, 2010

shopping local is the thing to do!

local shops are the best.
if you don't live next to any, shop on etsy.

today i heart shopping local (and i don't mean the mall).

this would make a neato-pillow.

i know these are very random picks and they don't really have a theme
but i think its important to shop local. 
i live in East Texas and these picks are from local artists on etsy.

so go ahead and search your area for some fantastic finds.
you'll be surprised how many artists live around you and how
easy it is to help support your community.

until next time...



  1. Fun! I agree, it's fun to find local artists. I'm a Texan, too! :)
    I really like those chalkboard tags!! Very clever and useful.

  2. The mini-chalkboard tags are a great find!