Tuesday, March 30, 2010

sunday afternoon project

for my best bud's baby she asked if i could make some letters for his playroom which was being done in Where the Wild Things Are.

of course i leaped at the opportunity!  she wanted a set that were made like the ones i had done for my lilly-lu.  here are those.

she wanted the same theme but different colors and no girly bugs.  so, here is what i came up with...


i started with a nice navy blue acrylic paint.  
then i semi-mixed the navy paint with some cream paint so create a swirl of colors.
it made a lovely shade of dutch blue.
then with a medium brush i brushed it with a heavy hand making sure it didn't go on too smooth. (the messier the better)
i let that dry and then sponged on a timber brown acrylic paint and kind of wiped and blotted at the same time.
the goal was to make the letters look like they were old and covered in dirt.

after the paint was completely dry i hot glued moss all around the edges.
some places i made the moss real thin and others i would just clump it on.
after the glue is good and dry i raked my hand lightly over the moss to knock most of the loose pieces off and then filled in the gaps with more moss.

after the moss was pretty stuck i went back and added some rust dyed raffia to pull in the other colors from the book.

i think they turned out pretty good and she loved them!

until next time...



  1. You and Nat need to go into a painting/crafting business together.