Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the beginning has wings...

there is a favorite framed picture of mine that sits on our mantle that says  "hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul."  it is a quote by Emily Dickinson and it sings to me.  i can't say why.  maybe its the way it sounds, like some old bit of wisdom found jotted down in a dingy journal left by Jane Austin in an old dingy desk.    i love to look at it.  i love the words, the actual words, not just the meaning.  hope and feathers.  don't they sound beautiful.

this is the beginning.  the beginning of a blog that i'm not sure i will be any good at.  i'm writing with a little bit of hope and a whole lot of faith that i will not bore anyone to tears or make them feel as if i have wasted their oh-so-precious time.  i'm also hoping that someone else besides my momma will read this.  maybe i should introduce myself.  my name is Monica and i am married to a handsome aggie named Kent.  we have one oh-so-beautiful chiquitita named Lilly Faith.  she is our heart and soul.  she is the feathers to my flight.  we also have one brave little hound named Sarge and 2 frisky kitties, Bob and Goose.  our home is a happy home.

well this blogging thing might be kind of fun.  what a fabulous thing this internet is.

until next time...

p.s. i apologize if the layout/font style/signature changes frequently.  i will be trying on different "blogging outfits" to see which one suites my personal style best.


  1. YEAH! So glad you finally decided to take the plunge! Welcome (and hi to Lilly and Kent)!

  2. Yea for me! This blogging thing is difficult as far as layyouts and such go.

  3. congrats on starting your blog!!! now the world can enjoy all the thoughts that fill your head as much as i do :) i look forward to your next entry

    p.s. i truly enjoyed the fact you started your blog with a quote! they give so much insight in such few words... keep them coming