Thursday, February 18, 2010

does this template make my butt look big?

i don't know about everyone else out there in the blogging community but i am having the hardest time finding a blog template that conveys my personal style.  this one isn't bad but its not me either.  i have adobe photoshop and i thought, "hmph...i'll just make my own".  does anyone know how difficult that is?  i mean, i'm sure its not hard to those of you that actually know what an html and a css are but for little ol' me its very scary.  so i jetted over to Amazon and ordered a book.  now this book may not teach me how to biuld my own template but i really like the author.  i'm guessing the book teaches you everything else about blogging. 

authored by: Tara Frey

she also has a blog and i am loving it.  its called tara frey {typing out loud}

i'm going to have to google some tutorials on this template making business. 

until next time...


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  1. I thought making a template was too scary. I tried and then got annoyed, so I finally just found one online.