Wednesday, February 10, 2010

bloggin' aint easy....

so i have discovered that am totally not any good at this.  my blog template is completely uninspiring and i am so confused about these dang gadgets.  good news is i have ordered a book to help teach me.  so maybe there is hope afterall.

on another note, i am thinking about redoing my back bedroom and converting part of it into a workroom.  i am in the market for a desk, preferably vintage, that i can redo as my workstation.  i need a handy-dandy place to sew besides the diningroom table.  i also will be adding shelves and such to give me more storage.  i've been looking for inspiration on the web and so far i have come up with nothing.  apparently i'm not any good at googling either.

well i will end this uninspiring blog with some new photos of my latest glovelies.  these were made for a 12-yr-old girl.  i hope she likes them.

these are the ones i made for myself to match lilly's little pink plaid ones.

so now i will work on some more glovelies for lilly.  maybe out of the zebra print.  i'm hoping that i get good enough that i can open an etsy shop.

until next time...


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  1. It's so hard to write things that make any sense. So I gave up making sense and just writing. It gets easier the more you do it!