Monday, February 22, 2010

masterpiece monday

i love the blog oh, hello friend and i am always so thrilled to enter her weekly giveaways.  they are so much fun and she gives away fabulous things every week.  this week it is "a sweet coral crochet headband with vintage beads, a pair of heart earrings, and a crochet flower bobbi pin" from Dear Beatrice and a "mini wallet, wristlet, and girl emergency kit" from Polly Danger.  i would so happy to win either one.  so thank you to oh, hello friend for being so generous and to your crafty friends for making us all feel so special.  here is what is being given away.222weeklygiveaway-main.jpg

 i will leave you with some photos of my chiquitita that i took and attempted to enhance in photoshop.  (i use enhance very loosely.)

until next time...


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