Monday, February 15, 2010

inspiration if you please...

what is it that inspires us?  one of my favorite fellow bloggers has become a part of the first ever blog it forward. i am the kind of person that doesn't have to look far for inspiration.  now, whether that inspiration is put to use or not is the question.  its so fabulous that everyday i get to read a new blog and see what inspires them as an individual.  sometimes what inspires them doesn't do so much for me but when you stumble upon a post that just chills you to the bone it is oh-so-fantastic.  i love oh, hello friend and what inspires her.  we are the same level her and i. 

inspiration for me comes in many forms and inspires different things in my life

i am inspired by photographs that catch moments of hope

i am inspired by words, simply worded

i am inspired by nature

i am inspired by whymsical decor

inspiration cannot be defined singularly.  thats what is so great about it.  each individual is free to interpret at will.  there are no wrong answers. please see here for the schedule for the 1st ever blogger mash-up.

until next time...


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